What Can I Recycle ?

This is one of the most vital questions we should all be asking, and more often than not we overlook it at the wrong moment. The best way to make sure that you understand what you can recycle is to examine the goods you buy when you do your grocery shopping. A lot of the packaging used in groceries these days is recyclable, and it pays to look as you buy to make sure the product you are buying is one of those. The following are the most frequently recycled items:

•  Paper and cardboard – boxes, magazines, newspapers.

•  Glass – bottles and jars.

•  Plastics – bottles and containers.

•  Metal – tin cans.

Although all of these require recycling by different methods the fact remains they are designed to be recycled, and this is why we are routinely asked to separate them into specific containers when we dispose of them. The extra time taken to sort them out is a chore at first, but once you get into the routine recycling such items becomes second nature.

In addition to the above regular items there are many more objects that can be recycled. Electrical items – televisions, computers and kitchen appliances – can all be recycled and by taking them to your local waste disposal site you will find special areas where specific items can be left, from which they will be picked up by specialists who then recycle the usable parts. Mobile phones are also recyclable, and when you trade up to a new model you may find that there are companies willing to pay you money for your old one – find them on the internet and get money for your old phone!

Outdoors there is much to be said for recycling, and many households are making compost heaps with old cut down plant waste and food waste being left to rot down into fertile compost for the garden. This simple and very green method of recycling is one of the most popular of all.

Indeed, there are few items that cannot be recycled, and the problems really begin when it comes to hazardous or dangerous products or items that need specialist handling, such as batteries and chemical products, but even these are becoming less troublesome as our methods of recycling improve.

The answer to the question – what can I recycle – is changing all the time, but the best way to manage your waste is to make sure you choose goods that are offered in recyclable, or no, packaging at the point of sale.